Heidelberg Graduate School

The art of calorimetry series of lectures given at
the Heidelberg graduate days
application/pdf lecture 1 (4.2 MB)
art of calorimetry I.pdf
Interaction of particles with matter (electromagnetic and hadronic interactions)
application/pdf lecture 2 (8.8 MB)
art of calorimetry II.pdf
"from energy to signal"
- convert energy to light
- convert light to electrical signal
- reading an electrical signal
application/pdf lecture 3 (5.5 MB)
art of calorimetry III.pdf
"from signal back to energy"
- detector response (linearity)
- detector resolution (fluctuations)
- improving calorimeter response (weighting techniques)
application/pdf lecture 4 (8.7 MB)
art of calorimetry IV.pdf
Some relevant topics in calorimetry:
- calorimeter as trigger (LHC)
- calorimeter for particle flow (ILC)
- dual readout calorimeter (ILC and beyond)
application/pdf lecture 5 (12.3 MB)
art of calorimetry V.pdf
Monte Carlo models and validation
Calorimeters around the world
Calibration and monitoring